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One、 product overview

Bag type dust collector is a kind of dry dust filtering device. Filter used for a period of time, due to the sifting, collision, retention, diffusion, electrostatic and other effects, the bag surface of a layer of dust, this layer of dust known as the first layer, in which the future course of the movement, became the first layer mainly filter layer filter material, rely on the role of the early levels, larger mesh the filter can get a higher filtration efficiency. As the dust on the filter surface accumulation, efficiency and resistance of the dust collector are increased correspondingly, when the filter pressure difference on both sides is large, will put some has attached to small dust particles in the filter on the squeeze in the past, so that the precipitator efficiency decline. In addition, the resistance of the dust collector is too high will make the dust removal system of the wind dropped significantly.Therefore, the dust collector resistance reaches a certain value, to timely cleaning. Cleaning can not be destroyed when the first layer, to avoid reduced efficiency.

Two、 the scope of application

Solid separation we dye, pharmaceutical, plastic and printing factory, paint factory, food processing,flour, electronic industry, wood processing and other fields of liquid and fine material recoverytreatment and purification collection.

Three、the principle of work

When the dust contained gas from the inlet into the dust, met at the air inlet and outlet of theinclined plate and the middle baffle, flow turned into ash hopper, while the air flow speed slow down,under the inertia effect, gas dust settling into the hopper of coarse particles directly, since the role of airflow with dust in advance, after folding to filter bag dust through with internal metal skeletontrapped in the outer surface of the filter bag, purified gas into the filter bag chamber bottom clean room, pool to the discharge outlet. The process of dust containing gas through the filter bagcleaning, along with the increase of time more and more dust deposition in the filter bag, bagresistance increases, causing the air handling gradually reduced, must carry on the cleaning of the bag, so that the product of shedding in the filter bag dust filter bag surface, regeneration. Clear the dust falls into the bucket, the ash discharge system and discharged out of the machine body.Thereby the deposition in the filter bag dust cycle of the pulse jet cleaned, the purification of gaspassed normally, ensure the normal work of the dust removal system.

Four,、product structure

Body structure of bag type dust collector is mainly composed of an upper box body, a box body, the middle lower case (Hui Dou), the ash cleaning system and ash body parts. Device performance of bag type dust collector is good or bad, in addition to the correct choice of bag material, ash cleaning system plays a decisive role in the bag type dust remover. Therefore, the ash cleaningmethod is one of the characteristics that distinguish bag type dust collector, an important link in the operation is also a bag type dust collector.


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